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Down and Dirty on Demand Soil Plans

Down and Dirty on Demand

Want to improve your soil? Wondering where to start? Let me help. Get quick and easy solutions for building soils naturally with Down and Dirty on Demand. I’ll translate your soil test report, build custom recommendations, or help you create a whole soil strategies for months and years of growing sustainable and productive soils for your garden and farm.

Classes and Workshops

Classes and Workshops

Schedule a class, workshop, or speaking event with me. I believe that anyone can understand and enjoy the science behind soil. I’d love to come speak to your group or customize a class to help you grow better gardens and a greener planet.

Ea Murphy | Dirt Secrets Farm Consultation Services

Farm Consultation

Soil health is the key to increasing farm production and profits, while protecting the environment. As a farmer, extension agent, and consultant, I know firsthand about the challenges and trade-offs needed to building whole farm enterprises. Let me help bring the soils perspective to your operation by addressing whole farm planning, organic certification, fertility management, and soil or pasture remediation needs.


Welcome to Dirt Secrets. I’m Ea Murphy, lover of all growing things. I believe that the future of our planet depends on taking care of our soil, and growing better gardens and farms while we’re at it. A soil scientist, author, and speaker, I share the simple art and science of soil care with gardeners, farmers, and dirt lovers of all stripes. To help you bring soil to life and life to soil I offer on demand services, speaking events and classes, my book, Building Soil: A Down-to-Earth, and a blog full of resources and stories."


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Soil is Life: Whole Soil Guide

It's a dirty secret. Soils are alive. Sticky, gooey, juicy - beating, breathing, eating collections of creatures that outnumber the known stars in the sky. Each is a part of a larger whole. Whole soils are part of whole gardens. Whole gardens are part of whole ecosystems. Follow these pages for the groundwork for managing whole soils by following a few simple Dirty Rules, knowing the secrets of Soil Organic Matter, and understanding Whole Soil Fertility.

Dirty Little Rules
Soil Organic Matter
Whole Soil Fertility