Farm Consultation Services

Soil health is the key to increasing production and profits, while protecting the environment.  As a farmer, extension agent, and consultant, I know firsthand about the challenges and trade-offs needed to building whole farm enterprises. Let me help bring the soils perspective to your operation by addressing whole farm planning, organic certification, fertility management, and soil or pasture remediation needs.

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Fertility Management
Soil Test Interpretation
Organic Certification Consultation
Land Assessment
Pasture Remediation
Problem Soils

Healthy Soils for Healthy Farms

Crimson clover cover crop
Healthy and productive farms depend on healthy soils. Naturally cultivating the living, biological soil…
Maximizes crop use of water and nutrients
Builds long-term nutrient reservoirs
Reduces pest and disease pressure
Minimizes damage from wind and rain
Corrects nutrient imbalances
Protects water resources
Leads to increased yields
Reduces the need for fertilizer inputs

The bottom line:

improved soil management = more production and more profits

Soil health makes dollars and cents – a minimal investment in the soil maximizes yields and minimizes money and time spent on inputs like fertilizer, water, and labor. Investing in the soil also means long-term farm sustainability, building natural fertility in a way that is good for the environment. Learn how you can improve farm soils by contacting us today.