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What is Whole Soil

We live in a messy, sticky world of connections. Each a part of a larger whole. Whole communities, whole families, whole farms, whole gardens, a whole planet… And underneath it all are whole soils. Whole soils are part of whole gardens. Whole gardens are part of whole ecosystems.



Health is whole. Whole is simple.

The individual pieces might be complex, but the whole is simple. To grow better gardens, we don’t need the complicated and scientific. The dirty secret to whole soils is to zoom out and see the whole picture.

Instead of slicing and dicing garden hours into weeding, fertilizing, and tilling – instead of reducing the complex web of soil life into letters and numbers on fertilizer bags, whole soil is about working with the living soil and garden ecosystem to help it take care of itself.

Whole Soil Garden Guide

There’s a ton of tips, success stories, and resources out there to give you ideas and fill your gardens. To start a whole soil revolution, however, we just need the basics.

First, there’s a few quick and dirty principles to keep in mind.

Then, there’s knowing the dirtiest of all secrets – how to add, make, and keep soil organic matter.

Finally, there’s some quick whole soil fertility calculations to tell you what nutrients your soil has and when to add a little extra.